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management_softwareIf the acquisition of appropriate ICT supporting tools has been the Number 1 priority of Finance departments in the ‘90s, it is today HR departments’ turn. Indeed, their ability to equip themselves with efficient, flexible, user-friendly tools is a prerequisite to their capacity to venture into strategic HR management and to become a real business partner. But this is huge challenge that is far from overcome in most companies, whether small or large, local or multinational. All types of scenarios exist today and there are few recognizable patterns. While HR functions in some large groups have been imposed ERP systems that had been originally developed for accounting management and that, although very expensive, are neither flexible nor adapted to HR management needs, others have not been equipped at all and continue managing HR semi-manually. Some are flooded by several types of software that are not interfaced, while others merely have databases just capable of administering employee records, presence, training and payroll.

As a response to the growing demand of its HR clients, Prasena is developing a range of light, flexible HR management software modules that can be used independently or in integration. Each module is available in an Access-based version for small structures and in a Web-based multi-user version for more complex structures.

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