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Last Updated on Tuesday, 19/01/2010, 17:40

Prasena’s PCES offers an efficient and valuable tool to support competencies management, recruitment, career path management, as well as person and organization development. Customization is possible.

Name Prasena Competencies Evaluation Solution
Type HRIS (software + detailed user manual)
Users HR function and top/line managers
Access-based version Available
Web-based version Under development

Click on the picture to get a demo:



What does it contain?

• Clusters
• Competencies
• People
• Positions
• Benchmarks
• Evaluation Names
• Competency Weightings
Simulation Modules
• Person vs. Position
• Candidate Selection
• Promotion Planning
• Dictionary of Competencies
• Competencies Evaluation Questionnaire
• Person Profile
• Demonstrated Competencies Mapping
• Position Profile
• Required Competencies Mapping