Training Edutainment
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Last Updated on Tuesday, 19/01/2010, 17:56

training_and_edutainment“What attracts and glues kids to today's video and computer games, is neither the violence, nor even the subject matter, but rather the learning the games provide. Kids like, and all humans love, to learn when it isn't forced on them". Marc Prensky, author of “Digital Game-Based Learning”

In line with this observation, “have fun to learn better” is our guiding principle in all the activities we prefer to call “edutainment” rather than mere “training”. To support this mindset, Prasena endeavors to enrich the range and variety of learning experiences available at work, whether in association with consulting projects or on a stand-alone basis. Moreover, a special service is offered to Training Managers, to help them clarify learning needs within their organization and fulfill them with an entirely customized set of learning experiences.

Learning Management
Learning management consists in developing an inventory of learning experiences (formal or informal, institutional or private, face-to-face or remote, intensive or extensive, with or without instructor) that are available to the organization, identifying the specific needs of each employee in each category of learning, selecting the learning experiences most adapted to these needs, planning and budgeting them so as to ensure a timely and efficient deployment. Read More

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