The delicate question of Talents

consulting-homepageThe notion of “talent”, although very recent, has become fast extremely popular, in an environment where pressure on costs and difficulties to find the people they need lead companies to try and retain the employees that are most precious to them. But who can those be: high potentials, top performers, employees who have a good cost/value ratio? Definitions vary from one company to another, but what really counts is adapted competence and capacity to continue contributing over time.

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Competent for the job… or not?

test-homepageDo your managers have the competencies required for their job? Would apparently good candidates really be operational in the targeted job? What is the risk of promoting a given person to a given position? This type of question, we ask them every day, and the answer – or lack thereof – may have far-reaching consequences for the people concerned, for their colleagues and subordinates, and for the company itself. Prasena proposes a simple method to produce customized tests that can be conducted easily, on-site or remotely, with automatic results calculation, within less than an hour.

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A user-friendly way of managing competencies

Competencies management is the foundation for nearly all activities pertaining to HR development. Prasena proposes a light, flexible, user-friendly modular application that enabling the evaluation of any person’s demonstrated competencies by reference to the requirements of any given position. It clearly and easily supports recruitment, succession and promotion planning, individual development planning and other development activities.

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Redesign your HR Function
Most companies today find it necessary to rethink their HR function, integrating new notions such as business partnership, shared services, outsourced services, strategic HRM, etc. But who should do what? Prasena proposes a corporate game that transforms this strategic challenge into an enjoyable exercise with concrete, usable outputs within less than a day. The game can also be used for HR training and HR-for-non-HR communication purposes.

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Strategic HR Planning: A Question of Life and Death!

This provocative statement provides its title to Prasena Consultant Isabelle Michelet’s latest book (in French), launched by Eyrolles on the French market in November 2009. Through a dialogue between the reader and the consultant, this book helps to understand why competencies management and strategic HR planning are fundamental conditions to fulfil in order for employees to remain employable and for companies to secure a sustainable competitiveness.

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